– Turn Key Approach –  Our goal is to get properties located in solid neighborhoods, whether its located on East or West side of Detroit, which have at least 3 bedrooms, basement and built with brick. Based on these features, this shall result in higher returns.

We know the areas and streets where the units will be rented quickly and will be appreciated when selling them.

Our Company does not commission nor is it real estate. We buy the units and we remodel them to deliver, new and already rented, thus exempting the investor of any additional expense before the acquired unit begins to generate income.

We operate under the “key in hand” system, taking care to pave all the roads for your purchase, starting with the opening, registration and activation of your own company in the USA (we always suggest an LLC or Limited Liability Company), including all legal documents of ownership of the same, for the subsequent registration of the property acquired on behalf of your LLC.

We also take care of the administration and maintenance of each unit, as well as permanent attention to both clients and tenants.

Monthly, we issue an account summary and deposit the corresponding settlement in the bank account of the LLC that owns the unit.

We have a full service company that assists in purchasing, management, repairs and selling, if you choose to do so.

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