Detroit Neighborhoods

Today's Detroit Neighborhoods

Detroit Neighborhoods are coming back to life all around Detroit. These neighborhoods that many of our homes are found in, are filling up with beauty and life. Creating a great place for singles, couples, and families to enjoy living in a beautiful safe environment!

Detroit Housing Market Today:

  • Increase of 18% in median home sales
  • Median Monthly Rent: $629-$1,196
  • Median Home Price: $39,900 – $69,900
  • Home prices are up 47% since the crash in 2008
  • 38.5% of the population in Detroit rents

How we compare to the Market:

  • 2+ bedroom rent: $880/monthly
  • 2+ bedroom sale price: $39,900 in average
  • Renovated properties at reasonable pricing
  • Cap Rates: 11% – 15%, depending on asset and location
  • Locations close to downtown

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